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System for Designing Aluminum Frames in AutoCad / BricsCAD / GstarCAD and ZwCAD


  • This system was developed to be used in the environment:
    AutoCADs  2007 to 2022
    BricsCAD   2017 to 2021
    GstarCADs 2017 to 2021
    ZwCADs   2017 to 2021
    Offering design facilities and a large library of Accessories, Aluminum Profiles and Design Patterns.

  • ALCOA / BELMETAL / HYDRO / FERMAX Aluminum Profile Library and accessories with over 2000 symbols .

  • Drawing Patterns Library with over 200 drawings.

  • Easy and quick location of Profiles by list / image preview in the library.

  • Automatic layering.

  • Library maintenance (inclusion, deletion and modification) available to the user.

  • Definition of unit of work (m, mm and cm).

  • Definition of work schedule.

  • Insertion of formats and stamp adjusted to unit and scale.

  • Standard stamp fill.

  • Standard text heights.

  • Easy access non-continuous lines and automatic adjustment to drawing scale.

  • Scaling styled and automatically adjusted.

  • Mortar, concrete, brick and silicone hatches automatically adjusted.

  • Insertion of glasses.

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