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System for Design of Aluminum Frames in AutoCAD, BricsCAD, GstarCAD and ZwCAD.


  • This system was developed to be used in the environment of AutoCAD 2000/2002/2004/2005/2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013/2014, BricsCAD 12/13 and IntelliCADs offering facilities for drawings and a great deal of Accessories, Aluminum Profiles and Design Patterns library.
    ALCOA / BELMETAL /HYDRO / FERMAX Aluminum Profiles library and accessories with over 2000 symbols.
    Drawing Pattern Library with over 200 drawings.
    Easy and quick location of Profiles by list / image preview in the library.
    Automatic layering.
    Library maintenance (add, delete and change) available to user.
    Definition of unit of work (m, mm and cm).
    Definition of work schedule.
    Insertion of formats and stamp adjusted to unit and scale.
    Standardized filling of stamp.
    Standardized text heights.
    Easy access non-continuous lines and automatic adjustment to drawing scale.
    Stylized and automatically adjusted scaling.
    Mortar, concrete, brick and silicone hatches automatically adjust.
    Insertion of glasses.
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